More governments are demanding WhatsApp to do with viable solutions to reduce the spread of the news of the polygon on its platform


The false news and misleading can spread quickly using many means, including social media. Can also be published via chat applications like WhatsApp, where users can simply redirect the news of the polygon and to contact their own at the touch of a button. It has such a big problem in the past in countries such as India, where it now appears that the government has enough problems.

According to the Ministry of State, Mr. Hansraj Ahir, it appears that the government of India to request from WhatsApp to find ways to reduce the spread of false news that was announced by saying : ” the ministry responsible for the electronics and Information Technology notifications to WhatsApp that they need to come up with effective solutions that can lead to accountability, and to facilitate the task of law enforcement in addition to move towards the front and remove the news of the Polygon “.

Has launched WhatsApp in the past several different ways to try to reduce the spread of the news of the misleading content, spam. One of these methods is to reduce the number of people who can forward messages to them. This in theory prevents the spread of false news and misleading very quickly, despite the fact that there is not currently a comprehensive solution to the spread of false news by 100%.

It has WhatsApp and you add the reference ” routed ” to allow users at the rate of forwarded messages and messages in the hope that it leads to a cooperation of users with messages forwarded further questioning. It is not clear whether there could be a way to permanent or more effective to deal with the spread of false news and misleading through chat apps, so you’ll just have to wait and see what will happen in the end.

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