More leaks about the device iPad Pro New – effect for headphones !

We dealt with you in the subject of a previous group of the most important leaks confirmed about the iPad Pro coming, which we announced during the month, now appeared more leaks and images that illustrate the dimensions of the new device and lack of headphone port.

According to the account leaks famous on Twitter CoinCoin, the iPad Pro next will come with a thickness of 5.9 mm only, as one of the thinner devices, Apple until now, because of this thin, there will be room for traditional headphones.

Also, the site Slashleaks displays a set of pictures that explain to your iPad Pro a new Will with a thickness of 5.86 mm, a figure not much different from the tolerance listed.

Is likely to come to this hearing with a class smaller than iPad Pro 2018, which will come to the size of 10.5 to 11 inches approx.

As explained by the dimensions of the iPad Pro is expected to Slashleaks that the size of the iPad Pro smaller coming a width of 7 inches (178.52 mm) length 9.7 inches (247.64 mm), while the largest width is 8.5 inches (215 mm) length 11 inches (280.66 mm) .

Devices iPad new Pro to be unveiled during October, the previous leaks have pointed to the advent of the iPad Pro with the new technique of Face ID with the edges of the less, the lack of note, in addition to the feature call to the external networks, which makes it worth the wait. more than ever.

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