More legislators in the United States asking Apple about the decision to delay the iPhone old

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If Apple hopes to pass the controversy surrounding its pledge to slow her down phones iPhone old unnoticed, this would not be possible. In the past week, Inquire a member of the US Senate Apple for its decision, and now it turns out that there are many American lawmakers who did the same thing with Apple.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency Reuters, it appears that four of the Republicans in the house of American wrote a letter to the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook demanding answers to questions about the disclosure of the company about to slow her down for iPhone old. Also raised letter concerns about the iPhone Battery, which burned and caused the smoke shop company in the Swiss city of Zurich, which led to the evacuation of the store.

This incident happened twice within one week, where the second accident occurred in the store of Apple in Spain, which led to the evacuation of the store again, as well as the ventilation of the station to let the smoke out. While the reports about the iPhone blazing because the batteries are rare, it was speculated that the increasing number of such reports could be due to the sheer volume of customers who visit Apple stores to replace batteries in their devices.

We’re not sure how to plan the Apple company to bypass that wall, knowing that he would probably network for a long time. In the meantime, has made it clear Apple lately, they don’t say slowing down the tablet and iPad old indicating that they do so with the iPhone only.


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