More sources confirm coming lineup iPhone 12 Series without the essential accessories


When you purchase a smartphone, you without doubt expect to get with it on headphones ear with the charger also. These are the essential accessories that are assembled usually with the majority of smart phones, but is expected to reduce Apple TV things upside down by getting rid of these accessories completely.

This is according to a tweet from leaker adult @L0vetodream which confirms that it won’t be shipping phones iPhone 12 Series with earphones and charger. Instead, says this source that the iPhone 12 Series new will come with new trays will be thin and luscious.

This comes on the heels of several other reports that also claim the same thing, as the saying goes, when there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. You have to deal with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but there are many reasons that make Apple do it.

Is likely to put Apple TV this step, eco-friendly that will lead to reducing electronic waste. While this is true, it sheds the light on the other motives, such as the fact that the 5G technology will increase the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 12 new, but will sell the same price as the model 2019. Of course, this will remove the earphones and to improve profit margins.

According to analysts at the institution, Barclays, has indicated previously to that the supplement the only one that will be shipped with the iPhone 12 new is the USB Type-C To Lighting. Coincidentally, will this watch Apple TV with urging the European Union to adopt a common charger compatible with all smart phones.

Phone iPhone SE 2020 new comes with charger 5W in, but analysts believe that Apple will remove this screen later this year. However, will Apple include charger 12W in box tablet and iPad.

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