More than 100 million purchase made on Amazon through the day reductions, the participants

أكثر من 100 مليون عملية شراء تمت على أمازون خلال يوم التخفيضات للمشتركين

Enjoy users Amazon over the past two days called his company on reductions to the participants “Prime Day” within 36 hours of the campaign with millions of performances exclusively, according to the police announced the number of sales exceeded 100 million commodity or service.

The company said that the sales this day exceeded all sales days. other cuts such as Black Friday, or even on the cuts last year, to become the present day is more days the Amazon best-selling in history.

The most selling goods are: TV, Fire TV with remote control, remotes, voice such as echo, as well as the assistant Alexa, the majority of sales in the United States of America.

Has made Amazon’s deals on the foods from fruits and vegetables, has been sales of the strawberry are the most requested on the site. For the first time, exceeded the sales of small and medium businesses on the site is$ 1 million, which means that Amazon probably exceeded its forecast the arrival of the sales floor to$ 3 million, where it probably reaches to about$ 3.5 million.

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