More than 23 million people used “password.” 123456

Noted a new study from the Center for National Cybersecurity in the United Kingdom to the passwords most frequently in the world, which may not be a surprise to the readers of tic-Foy, where still people use bad passwords.

The study indicated that the password “123456” remains the most password used at all, as used by nearly 23 million people, followed by the password “123456789,” while the passwords are the names of clubs like Liverpool or Chelsea, they are commonly used also.

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Many people use passwords like “Superman”, where the report noted that more than 333 thousand people uses this word, while “Naruto” used by more than 237 thousand people, and also used words like “Pokemon” and “Batman” is great.

List of the 10 passwords set at all:
– 123456
– 123456789
– qwerty
– password
– 111111
– 12345678
– abc123
– 1234567
– password1
– 12345

Source: National Cyber Security Centre

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