More than 5,400 applications on iOS-related user data

أكثر من 5,400 تطبيق على iOS تتعقب بيانات المستخدمين

Maybe modern media differs from reality so much apparently, the company Apple has always focused on safety and protection of users on the system run iOS on smart devices, but at the same time learn or do not learn about the occurrence of millions of users around the world as a result of weak security realistic compared with the dog.

After the disaster of Facebook that was related to the data users and their activity on iPhone with ease and apps the Google that was going equally approaches, etc., newspaper published Washington Post report confirms that there are 5,400 applied at least in the software store related user data and send it to specific places.

She assured the Washington Post that the data that you get applications include many sensitive data like the user’s place and phone number as well as e-mail and a copy of finger prints.

We customize the experience of our published by the Washington Post: “Apple says that what happens on your phone stays on your phone, but security experts have shown that more than 5,400 applications related to data users.”

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