More than half of Arab internet users at risk because pirated software

Conducted Kaspersky a survey about the use of the software among users of internet, in cooperation with the gate Arab News Technical AITnews.

The study revealed that involved more than 1,700 Arab users of the internet around the world, about 37% of users always download software and apps pirated, while 20% are doing the same thing sometimes. And more than half of internet users (52%) they check always the source of their apps and software Their by download, although experts agree that the sources of pirated software are rarely reliable and safe. Realizes 61% of the users are fully aware of the risks of privacy and security associated with software applications that haven’t been verified, but they nevertheless continue to use pirated software instead of investing in the original versions.

The study revealed that 56% of respondents no longer buy the original software expensive, with they realize that pirated products, such as anti-virus software, do not work efficiently the original products, but they remain willing to accept the risk as long as they are not required to pay any amounts. Sprinkle one third of the users participating in the study (32%) to be the free versions work quality full versions that are made available in exchange for the financial cost, despite the fact that the companies producing this software explicit about the limited functionality free versions of its software.

Maher die security researcher first at Kaspersky, the majority of users are convinced of the importance of using the original software, noting, however, the existence of a “gap in consciousness” on the likelihood of damage caused by pirated versions show the results of this survey, he added, explaining: “you can use software that is not trusted or verified from its source to know the user a greater number of threats, adds privacy and security”.

He stressed that the security software is pirated not only offer “a false sense of security”, and that it may result to the user from the use of its “exorbitant price”, considering that the free versions offered by security software companies “provide the results of average”, but stressed that the advanced solutions and security covering areas of security wide only available in paid versions not, the finished die to urge users to “refuse to piracy and not to use only the original software and local”.

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The study found on a positive note that 43% of the users are always keen on getting software and applications from trusted sources, including the payment of money in return, or downloading the original versions of companies producing this software.

And take internet users in many cases are not informed when it comes to protecting their data and privacy, including access to the versions of the software pirated, downloaded, and installed, in order to save money, even though to expose them to more threats to privacy and security.

Recommends Kaspersky users always download software from trusted vendors and their distributors used over the internet, so as to protect them from risk.

Methodology of the study

Conducted this online survey company Kaspersky, in cooperation with the gate Arab News technique, which spreads its Arab audience all over the world, attended by more than 1,700 users. This initiative aims to reveal many of the attitudes and behaviors related to the security of Information Technology, and to identify factors that will support the consumers to think more seriously in their privacy and the security of their devices on the internet.

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