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Said the mayor of the Russian capital Moscow today everyone: if Moscow would use facial recognition technology to ensure the commitment of they were ordered to stay in their homes or in their hotels under quarantine with a view to protection from outbreaks of MERS-CoV.

And Russia Chinese nationals temporarily entering the country for the spread of the virus, but she welcomed the Russians who have returned to their country, and their spending two weeks at home, even in the absence of symptoms.

He said Moscow Mayor (Sergey Sobyanin): the approximately 2,500 people who entered the city coming from China have been ordered to enter quarantine. He said that the authorities will be used – to prevent them from leaving their apartments – facial recognition technology in the city to catch any offenders.

In one case cited by Sobyanin, showed footage control a woman returned from China to leave her apartment and meet her friends abroad. Said Sobyanin: the authorities managed to trace the taxi driver who took her to her house from the airport thanks to the video footage.

Said Sobyanin: the city is forced also to launch a blitz against the carrying potential of the virus, which is said: it’s “unpleasant but necessary”. The Moscow mayor had said last month: the city began to use facial recognition technology as part of the security surveillance in the city.

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Come restrictions on the rules of quarantine after she ran away a woman in a St. Petersburg hospital, where she said she was held against her will. This provoked the incident, which led to a court order requiring them to return to the facility quarantine, questions on the extent of the power of quarantine procedures of MERS-CoV in Russia.

Russia has reported two cases of the disease, are citizens of Chinese cooperation since then and out of the hospital, according to authorities.

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