Most altcoins will not survive in the long term. Why not worry

Founder of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert predicts complete extinction of the majority of altcoins in the long run. In his recent interview to TV channel CNBC Silbert said that “the price of most of today’s digital assets will sooner or later fall to zero”.

Recall, this forecast is not the first time sounds among cryptanalysts. Previously head of research at Bitwise Matt Hogan predicted the complete collapse of 95 percent of the coins of the stock market. However, even such a scenario would benefit the entire industry — “the destruction of” useless projects will pave the way in front of a really bright idea.

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Silbert noted that “the majority of ICO was created only with the purpose to collect more money without the practical use of the issued token”. Now crowdfunding on the blockchain feels not as good as in the end of 2017.

CoinSchedules analysts estimate that last month’s startups could be gleaned from the ICO just to 291.6 million dollars. In June of last year, the gains have been 19 times better — $ 5.8 billion.

But Bitcoin, in the opinion of Elberta, waiting for bright future. The main cryptocurrency “terrible schedule” for growth, but so far it’s leading in the race for the title of “digital gold”. Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz thinks Bitcoin is a unique project among all of the stock market.

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In the periodic table there are 118 chemical elements and only one of them is gold. Bitcoin will soon become digital gold, the best means for capital accumulation. It’s not the money of the United States or China, and your own. Independence is expensive, as it should be.

Tonight, Bitcoin is trading at $ 3624. For the past day, the cryptocurrency almost not changed its value. Even more interesting details about her to know members of our cryptodata.


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