Most durable smartphone at the beginning of 2020

The strength of the smartphone is extremely important when it comes to operating the gadget in everyday life. Selecting a device, we rarely think about how durable it is. And we will help you understand popular YouTube user jerryrigeverything once. He shared a list of the smartphones of 2019, which won in various categories, among them: the most repairable smartphone the least repairable, most innovative, most beautiful inside the least resistant and most durable.

The most durable smartphone in the beginning of 2020

The most repairable phone was Google Pixel 3a. Smartphone makes it easy to replace the display, it will take the owner of the phone no more than 5 minutes. Least repairable can be called Royale Flexpai and Apple smartphones. Flexpai is a flexible tablet, in case of breakage it is easier to just throw. In the case of Apple devices, the situation is slightly more complicated. New smartphones can be repaired, but it will cost a lot of money. Easy enough to replace the screen, however, problems can arise with rear glass panel, the replacement cost which iPhone 11 Pro Max is $ 599. Company devices uses non-standard screws, which also complicates the process.

The most innovative phones have become Nubia Z20, Blackview Max 1 and Galaxy Fold. The first is the second screen on the rear, Max 1 is equipped with a projector for watching movies and videos, and Galaxy is just a great Fold foldable smartphone, moreover, it is quite durable. Feed author praised the camera for its excellent resistant folding mechanism. The most beautiful inside was recognized as a Galaxy A80. And all thanks to the automatic sliding mechanism of the camera unit — is the process of emergence and concealment block exciting complex in technical terms.

So we go to the main point — the least resistant smartphone. It appeared to be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. A slight movement of the hands of the author of the channel could break the device, almost completely dividing it into two separate pieces. This is the worst of all the smartphones in 2019, so the phone is more careful to treat him. One of the least resistant is Googe Pixel 4. It is, of course, are more stable in comparison with the Note 7, but it is worth considering the high price, which you will not get sufficient strength and quality.

Most durable smartphone — the Google Pixel 3a. You just look at how flexible the body in the device:

Google Pixel 3a is the most durable smartphone of 2019

After this the screen remained intact, and functionally, the device has not lost anything. Thus we find that in 2019 Google Pixel 3a is the most maintainable and durable smartphone on the market. Besides, this is one of the best options in terms of price and quality. On Ebay the device can be purchased 20-25 thousand rubles, for the money you will get pure Android with frequent updates, one of the best cameras on the market, high-quality OLED display with function Always On Display. By the way, a considerable role in good fortitude could play glass Asahi Dragontrail Glass, which is protected phone front. He’s probably more flexible than the usual Gorilla Glass.

The phone runs on the Snapdragon 670, equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal memory, has support for HDR10 and battery on 3000 mAh. Let’s evaluate the picture quality that you can get on this unit:

Many modern phones, such as iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy Note 10, offers several cameras and many different features, however, in the case of Pixel 3a is much easier. There is only one camera, but through proper handling photos the final result is amazing for its quality. Offer to discuss camera phones in the Telegram.

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Smartphones will become more difficult

With the advent of foldable smartphones repair cost gadgets will increase substantially. And this is nothing to do, because of flexible phones complex the question structure, they have complicated mechanisms. Moreover, in Fold 2 Galaxy Samsung will use glass instead of plastic to protect the display, it may lead to lesser resistance drops. Flexible polycarbonate by analogy with Pixel 3a is probably the most practical and convenient solution. This smartphone is not a pity to wear a holster just because there’s nothing to break.

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