Most notably Harry Potter.. android games waiting for millions in 2018

For Android Games will be waiting for their Android Games special foreseeable in 2018. Despite the exit of a lot of games interesting so far, however, the next more exciting and fun, it is the release of games for most developers of games famous and they are Ubisoft, Telltale Games, the Niantic Labs.

Best Android Games for 2018

Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

أفضل ألعاب أندرويد قادمة لعام 2018 أبرزها لعبة Harry Potter

Runs Niantic Labs, famous for the development of the new game will be called Harry Potter: the Wizards of the Union, and the last games of the laboratory that had acquired great fame was the game Pokemon atmosphere that swept across the world, the laboratory is now developing the game in partnership with Warner Bros interactive entertainment.

Will the game is an adventure expedition to a lot of cities and neighborhoods around the world, will be the players to mythical monsters and a lot of teams are powerful enemies, there are not many details about the game but expected not to achieve great success especially with the success of the company and the developer in the games previous, the fame and popularity of Harry Potter, and even now the Launch Date of the game, but can participate in the game site to get them immediately they are issued.

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