Most of the smart phones with Android system vulnerable to penetration. via Wi-Fi

Find out researchers a vulnerability in the processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm threaten the smart phone operating system Android, and The Hacker hacks into smart phones and other gadgets via technology wireless Wi-Fi.

Gap called the name “QualPwn”, which allow hackers to send malicious software pneumatically, so that should be a hacker near of your victim within the scope of the connected to the Wi-Fi, which means that the hacker will not need to be in the same room to be able to hack the hardware and control.

The gap lies in how communication processors centre networks Wi-Fi, so that once you contact, third parties can send data packets and files harmful pneumatically and then run code that allows them full control over devices, users, and report the researchers that gap, specifically in treatments centre 835 and 845 know the users ‘ computers at great risk, whereas the loopholes affect the other products of the centre.

Tell Qualcomm they released a patch to close the loophole, noting that their investigation found that all of their products are affected by about this loophole, and Google issuing a patch a gap in the updated security for Android for the month of August 2019, the users should update as soon as possible.

Sources: QualPwn – Qualcomm

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