Most passwords used around the world


Although the hack and Violations of data has become commonplace, most people still choose a password based on convenience rather than security, revealed a recent study from the University of Virginia Tech and Dashlane’s security, analyzed the nearly 61 million password leaked, the most common passwords in the last year.

Found that the emotional phrases like iloveyou are tested by the users strongly when you set the password to one of their online accounts, in addition to words like “qwerty” and “123456” are high on the list.

كلمات المرورPasswords

Include a list of passwords equal also to that people often resort to their brand favorite movies, music and symbols of popular culture and football that encourages them when looking for new password.

And the cooperation of the researcher “Jang Wang” from Virginia Tech with a Password ManagerDashlane to assemble a list of passwords most popular in the year 2017, after the analysis of the 61.5 million password leaked from 107 online service during the eight years past, discovered Wang that 52% of users live use passwords between their accounts on the internet.

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