Most popular accessories for HomeKit received the update

Not many on the move will be able to tell how long it’s been years since Apple told the world about HomeKit. Time goes by, and the sense of this is not enough. A similar system has not appeared in every home. First and foremost, the issue price, and not a very large spreading of the standard amongst gadgets. However, from time to time there are interesting options from top manufacturers. For example, now Philips has released a new component of its line of Hue.

Nice update in the line of Philips HUE

The contents

HomeKit Philips

At the time a subsidiary company of Philips, specializing in lighting, Philips Lighting was, but over time it became known as Signify. Now she specializiruetsya on the Hue and light announced a lot of interesting things. For us the most important thing that new products work with HomeKit.

They exist! IOS 13 found mention of smart glasses Apple

New portable light Philips Hue Go is the sequel to the original Hue Go. This updated version has the support for Bluetooth. This will allow you to avoid having to configure connections via a hub to use it with Hue apps, Amazon and Google Alexa Assistant. But to work with a HomeKit bridge will still need.

Philips Hue Go it’s different, but fits into any interior.

The assurances Signify, in Hue Go increased up-time that can not but rejoice. Unlike price, which is $ 79.99. I don’t claim it’s free, but yet still expensive.

Smart socket Philips — perfect for HomeKit

Another announced element was a smart socket Philips Hue Smart Plug. Its primary purpose, as the representatives of the company, is to turn any table lamp into a smart light. Simply connect the lamp through the socket and it can be controlled via the app or by voice.

Externally, the outlet looks decent

Simply connect via the smart socket to any lamp and it will become smart.

Similar solutions on the market already quite a lot, but this time it looks more or less elegantly, you can not say about some other options. For example, about the smart outlet from Yandex. It not only supports HomeKit, it’s half the battle, but it is very big.

It looks like Yandex.Outlet

The cost of the socket is 39.99 dollars, which is not much even compared to other offerings on the market.

Smart switch from Philips to work with HomeKit

A distinctive feature of the smart switch, shown in the line Philips Hue is its ability to work with application. You can turn on and off lights with a simple press or hold the button pressed to adjust the brightness.

In addition, you can specify in the settings app that allows one touch to turn on the light with a temperature corresponding to the time of day. That is, in the morning it will be cooler hues on the average brightness, in the afternoon warmer on maximum brightness, and the evening quite warm with subdued level of brightness. This will allow you to perceive light more naturally.

One click and the light will turn on

Philips Hue Smart Button will be available for purchase in October this year. The manufacturer has rated it to 19.99 dollars. Here the price is very nice. Especially given how button allows one touch to turn on different lights for different situations.

What else is announced in the line of Philips Hue for smart home

Besides the above described components, the company released a new GU10 lamp in different variants, including with support for Bluetooth. These lights are “higher lumen” and the new design compared to the previous generation. Bulbs will be available later this month at the price of 54,99 dollars for a color version. Set of two white lights will cost 49,99 dollars.

Also, this month will become available lamp type E12 at the price of 32,99 for a couple.

Last but not least, new steel lamp in the style of the original Thomas Edison. They look great in the interior of the “loft” and some others. The series is called Philips Hue Filament, and the cost of lamps, depending on type, ranges from USD 24.99 to 32.99 dollars. Lamps will be available in October.

Very stylish Philips Hue light bulb Filament

Why buy accessories Philips Hue

Not to say that smart bulb from Philips is an indispensable accessory in every home. Given the cost, which you can find many analogues, they become even more useless, though beautiful, thing. Personally, I still don’t plan to buy them and use them. I have steam home accessories from Yandex and I don’t really understand what they told me.

One of the usage scenarios for me is turning on the lights in the bar area and music on the phrase ”Alice, we have guests”. The second setting is the phrase ”Alice, I’m leaving”, at which it turns off everything connected to it. This is probably the only really useful case. The rest every few weeks can be done by hand.

Write in our Telegram chat or in the comments how you use (and whether) clever gadgets. Until I can find the script for each day. I think all the options such as ”I’m home”, when the system response includes the kettle, the lights and the music so far-fetched, what about them makes no sense to talk seriously. Leave it to advertisers.

Moreover, returning to the cost, a cool Philips Hue are too expensive, decent budget options are not many. If your scripts use Philips Hue fit, this is a great option, but for the money it is worth considering the advisability of purchase.

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