Motorola confirms on her phone, folding design similar to the RAZR

موتورولا تؤكد على هاتفها القابل للطي بتصميم مشابه لـRAZR

Flip phones have become a key phone manufacturers in the recent period, pointing to that being you will get a scene in the future; we have seen both Samsung and Huawei unveils a version of their days ago will be the other companies copy them in the coming days, including Motorola, which previously we highlighted for its work on the foldable phone a similar design for its traditional author of the popular RAZR confirm the company today it officially in an interview with the website Engadget.

He assured Dan Derry, deputy product manager at Motorola site that the company says since the duration of the building her phone rollaway conduct consecutive Tests to get the final product, Dan revealed implicitly as being the company will adopt the style of the folding procedure of the company to protect it from any kind of dents in the future, however, to use.

In gave his statements a confirmation on the model phone folding the registrar in the patent application, where he explained that the company Stars business phone foldable screen with double knuckle where it shows the phone in three size Total approx when folded, with his expression of concern about the terms of the implementation of this technology due to take the phone form of the letter Z during the process of folding, but NOAA needs to solve this problem.

Perhaps the style of the Motorola phone this throws the sought-largest users being the process of folding which will put him comfortably in the pocket with maintain being a telephone and learns that to become a tablet when you open it as seen in the Galaxy Fold andMate X.

As for the launch, the company will not leave a copy of Samsung and Huawei in the market for long without the launch of her mobile phone, which according to forecasts may be in the middle of the summer this year, when we judgment and comparison, and we deal on the price also.

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