Motorola is also working on two phones for Motorola One Action and Motorola One Pro

Motorola Moto One Vision

In the month of April last, revealed to us the experiences of the famous American Evan Blass aka fame evleaks that Motorola is working on phone two new working Android One, and one of them is the Motorola One Vision announced by the company officially few weeks ago.

According to the tweet Evan Blass in the month of April, it was Motorola is also working on the phone Motorola One Action, and today decided the same leaker update existing to add the phone Motorola One Pro. Unfortunately, did not give us any information about the specifications of these new phones, so there is wide scope for guessing.

If we were to speculate, we believe that the phone Motorola One Action will prevent the device a solid design because we are used to using the subsequent Action in the smart phone designed to withstand shocks, water and dust in the past years. As for the phone Motorola One Pro, we believe that he would put the specification advanced, at least compared with the phone Motorola One Vision current. This is quite logical, at least in the context of how to use other manufacturers such names.

Not decided by company HMD Global Oy commitment to that strategy, it appears that Motorola is ready in turn to invest more and more resources in the production of phones that are part of the initiative Android One, which ensures that millions of these phones to experience the Android semi-raw because the company is Google help in the process of developing the operating system for these phones.


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