Motorola is preparing to roll out a new phone similar to iPhone X


Location detection DroidLife American about the new leaks about the phones Motorola next, including phone X5 New, as the company owned by Lenovo phone is its large screen measuring 5.9 inches, with a forgotten show 18: 9, similar to the iPhone X new from Apple.

Will come phone reader visual fingerprint, it means that the phone X5 will depend either on the system for facial recognition, using the Dual front cameras, or to be a fingerprint reader tucked under the screen.

هاتف موتورولا الجديدPhone new Motorola

And you wouldn’t care Motorola network just to attract users, but will increase the X5 with the assistant artificial intelligence, cameras, rear dual.

And did not stop leaks on telephone x5 only, but revealed that the Moto Z3 and Z3 plus will curved screen measuring 6 inches such as the Samsung GalaxyS8, GS feature free Wi-Fi are, as shown by the registration of a phone is the third of a series of Moto Z with a processor Snapdragon 845.

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