Motorola is the latest company to enter the smart TV market, after the OnePlus


Decided Motorola to enter turn to the TV market after it detects a range of smart TV New supported Android TV of Google.

The company said the Motorola announcement about this new line of smart TVs that carry its brand in India, a country where also due to lead the company OnePlus launched the first smart TV later this week. Will TVs Motorola’s new smart available sizes start from 32 inch up to 65 inch with the knowledge that they are running Android 9.0 TV, and the content of the HDR and Dolby Vision.

For TVs with a size of over 43 inches, it would have the 4K, while would have the TVs that come in a smaller size accurately FullHD. At home, will these TVs Processor ARM Mali 450, and the memory of random size 2.25 GB to run Android apps and games. Moreover, it will be also 16GB of internal memory. Will display all these models for sale as of September 29 through the e-store Indian FlipKart. Unfortunately, we don’t have currently any information about whether Motorola is planning to launch these TVs in all parts of the world or not.

We hope that you Motorola so, the company OnePlus will do so with a they smartphone coming later this month. Specifically, he has reported to us the company OnePlus that it will launch TV, It smartphone in India first, but there are plans to bring it to China, then to the United States and Europe.

TV Nov TV the boat will also come with Android TV, and will be in full conformance with the smartphones of the company, thus providing the occasion already. Likely to be thinking of the Motorola company similar to the company OnePlus.

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