Motorola to unveil two phones working with Android Wen are One and one Power

Motorola Android One

Revealed Motorola via its official website on phone Two new smartphones category price available working Android Wen and were the same design language.

The first phone that carries the name of Motorola One with a screen area of 5.9 inches offers a display resolution +FHD and bump featuring a front camera of accuracy 8-megapixel camera. New smart phone works with a processor Snapdragon 625 eight-core frequency of 2.0 GHz along with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of other memory storage internal expandable via microSD cards.

It also owns Motorola One camera wallpaper double with 13 megapixel camera in addition to battery capacity of 3000 mA/H technology also supports fast charging via charger TurboPower attachment with him.

While the company has not disclosed a specific date for its launch but they promised availability in the global markets over the next few months for 299 euros.

Motorola One
Motorola One
Motorola One
Motorola One
Motorola One

The other phone gets the name of the Motorola One Power comes a larger size and more developed than the other version where he protects the screen area of 6.2 inches and offers display resolution +FHD equipped with a processor Snapdragon 636 eight nuclei frequency of 1.8 GHz along with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB memory internal storage.

Although Motorola did not disclose any detailed information about the cameras and battery, except that some of the leaks indicated that the phone will come with battery up to 5 thousand Milli-amp/hours.

Motorola One Power will be available in the Indian market starting from the month of October next, without any details about pricing or date of availability in other markets.

The main feature of both phones, they will by Android One which means they will be on the Android platform eBay at the time soon – as confirmed by the company-.

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