Motorola unveils accessories MotoMod new identity, its smart compatible


Motorola announced today at CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA from the two of the flying of MotoMod new series of its smart phones-compatible, and it comes here spoke to the Lenovo Vital and Lenovo Livermorium Slider Keyboard.

Lenovo Vital is flying the most interesting between the two, it is a device to monitor your health so that it can be mounted on the backend of your smart phone measure heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and blood pressure from your finger only.

As for the the Lenovo Livermorium Slider Keyboard, it’s not interesting so much, it’s a physical keyboard-slip from under your smartphone like many of the smartphones that were released in the last decade.

Returning to the supplement Lenovo Vital, will be available for purchase in the month of April at a price of $ 395 USD. As for the supplement for Lenovo Livermorium Slider Keyboard, it will be available later this year at a price of 99 USD.



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