Motorola will begin issuing the updated Android 9 Pie phone Moto G6 in the near future

Moto G6

Prefer some manufacturers for Android phones promote a lot to improve the Android main that were launched just for their organs, but Motorola is not within these companies, at least in recent years. Motorola to launch updates to the Android main identity, its smart quietly confirms only the arrival of her imminent by raising log changes to its official website on the web, that’s what I did now also with the phone Moto G6.

It was said that the company has launched updated Android 9 Pie phone Moto G6 Plus in Brazil a few weeks ago. Have received phone Moto Z3 is the same update as well. It’s now the role of the phone Moto G6 to get this update, because Motorola has published a record of the changes that will be coming out this update for the phone on the official support site.

Update Android 9 Pie phone Moto G6 brings with IT security fixes for the month of January in addition to all the features that you can expect in update Android 9 Pie. Includes that feature brightness, repeated, give the battery priority to the applications most commonly used, and the controls enhanced voice, as well as other changes in the user interface, and more.

Usually take Motorola a few days before you release the update after the publication of the history of changes that comes out on its official website on the web. Thus, users expect to get a notice for this update over the air on their smartphone in the coming days. They can also try pulling it manually from the servers to Motorola through the transition to the option to search for updates in the Settings app within the phone.


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