Mouse support docking-iPad Touch genius of Apple

Try apple again to convince us that the iPad Pro newest, is a suitable substitute for a personal computer. She published several promotional videos for that idea. In the past few days, the latest rumors, that the iPad Pro running iOS will support a mouse! The idea is to connect a USB mouse C-docking-iPad. Thus you can use the mouse with ease week use your Mac or Windows. But how will this feature? And that would be more useful than Touch? Or it will be confusing to some thing?

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USB mouse C-docking-iPad !

First look the idea of a wired mouse connects to the iDevice-iPad, a bit silly under the advance wireless big current. If this is true there is support for the mouse, it will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. So the idea of a USB-C is rejected logically.

Mockery welcome

As is usual when Apple something new. Find who is accusing the other and also is a welcome move for the idea. Certainly you’ll see some headlines that accuse them on the mouse support for iOS such as “the cat’s play you rat,” a reference to the failure to find alternative methods for the mouse more easy and productive, in the sense of “if you missed Apple and stops, turn to a mouse”. Or “very next to an iPad, and suggested If” thus and such.

Among those who could see positive headlines such as “finally the mouse supports an-iPad”. What next? You will be reckless and mouse? Or going on a bender the mouse and play? If the mouse support effectively docking-iPad became real, you can imagine a fantastic user experience and more useful. For example, when you type on the current keyboard, and I wanted to move index tracking, you need to pull with two fingers on the keyboard to move this cursor anywhere you want. The problem here is that moving the cursor is available if you use an external keyboard. It’s like having a mouse with an external keyboard would make it integrated, you can move the cursor through the mouse and do what you do on the Mac or Windows. Anyone who writes a lot on an iPad will love this very much supports the mouse support.

Another example, you can use the touchpad or the arrows on external keyboard to change such as through the search results list in Spotlight or web-page or in the settings or otherwise. If the mouse support will allow you to scroll using the mouse wheel just as in Mac or Windows.

How will support for the mouse?

Let’s assume that you connect the mouse will work on an iPad the same way on the Mac. As soon as you connect the mouse the cursor will appear on the screen. You can click here and there and with the clouds pretend or growth and and other. But for to run applications and open the links, you have to double click to operate it? Or suffer through one click?

But this will be a problem. Containing the duties on the mouse like a Mac or Windows on the mechanisms of action quite different in the iOS system. Where systems that are totally dependent on touch such as iOS, homework and programming of their own. It is used to use the Mac or Windows will find that using the mouse is normal, other than he’s used to an iPhone or an iPad Touch, will be that double-clicking is ridiculous. What about right-clicking with the mouse right? Can you access to the features of the three-dimensional touch to? Likely to be it.

Mouse by default in access

I have the iOS already has some sort of support for the index on the user interface though not like the mouse pointer. Through the use of the property “control switch” in the “Accessibility” section of settings . As you can pointing to each section in the user interface to move in anywhere and get what you want. But it’s really not like the mouse pointer.

If the mouse support to iOS, the hidden within the settings access is a good idea, in this way, you can change it at any time and in its use from person to person.

The bottom line

Why isn’t there mouse-docking-iPad next touch will be able to user the transition from mouse to touch and vice versa. The index of the mouse is better than the current method of hand selection, cutting and pasting and to the application files, as well as dealing with the feature of drag and release. All of this will be with one hand. This is not to use the mouse on an iPad will certainly bring a lot of new customers for iOS.

Clip imagine for drag and in the application of Photoshop on the iPad Pro

Do you like the idea of having a mouse with an iPad? Tell us in the comments.



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