Mozilla began testing the Password Manager in browser Firefox for iOS

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Can be trial versions of the applications are unstable and do not advised to use it daily, however, it is often the only way through which the users to choose the features that are still under development. Company came Mozilla with a different way for the browser Firefox its called Test Pilot. This feature allows users of the official version of the browser to test experimental features that the company is working. Announced Mozilla now they will bring the Test Pilot for the browser on mobile devices interview with two of the experimental features.

Firefox Lockbox is the first new feature available to users of Firefox on the iOS platform through Test Pilot. This feature is a manager for passwords to enable the browser to login automatically to any location save the user’s password. It also works with both Touch ID and Face ID. Available Lockbox in the browser Firefox for iOS only.

Since it has also been brought to the Test Pilot into the browser Firefox for android, the feature is experimental, the following are available exclusively on the operating system of Google. This feature is called Notes by Firefox, which allows users to write down their ideas directly from within the browser. Sync notes across different operating systems, even basic users can view the notes that they wrote in a copy of windows of Firefox at a later time on their smart phones supported by Android. All notes are encrypted with encryption adjacent.

Interested users can participate in the program Test Pilot, but they only need a Firefox account and Firefox Sync so this feature works correctly.



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