Mozilla plans to launch a paid version of Firefox

موزيلا تخطط لاطلاق نسخة مدفوعة من فايرفوكسMozilla plans to launch a paid version of Firefox

Yeah, you didn read it wrong, pretty soon we might see the first Internet browser, you must pay money for the use of it, that’s where the company Mozilla plans to launch a paid version of the Firefox browser famous.

The news came on the lips of company CEO, Chris Beard , the newspaper of Germany , confirmed by his next fall will probably see the appearance of this edition of the special representative.

What can I expect from the paid version of Firefox?

  • Service VPN professional-Free Without Borders
  • The advantages of more privacy and intolerance
  • Space Cloud huge free for file storage

There are probably more advantages, that maybe, I say maybe, pay some pay a monthly subscription or a yearly exchange to get them, but has not been revealed yet fully .

There is no information about pricing yet, but a version distinct focus on the privacy of Firefox looks like a nice presentation, in a time where it is difficult to avoid tracking you on your digital devices, when there leaking data on an almost daily basis .

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