Mozilla stopped their ad campaign on Facebook after the leak of user data

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You may have heard about the news about the leakage of user data which has been confirmed by the company Facebook. The company has provided its commentary says it plans to take concrete steps to ensure that something like this would happen again, but the movement #deletefacebook was resuscitated on the internet because its users are not satisfied with the way they were dealing with this matter. Now, it seems that some advertisers have other ideas also. The company Mozilla recently announced that it will provide all of their ad campaigns on Facebook.

The company Mozilla in one of its official blog that after this whole episode, look closely at the privacy settings default to the current facebook and feel justified in doing this given that they support the house in its inaction with their spending on ads.

It states that although there is more to know about these settings, I found that the default settings of the current still leave the possibility of access to a lot of data associated with the particular settings for third-party applications.

Expressed company Mozilla is confident that the CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg would honor his commitment to improving the privacy settings and provide more protection to the data users. The company Mozilla that it will reconsider its decision to suspend their ad campaign on Facebook when to take the stronger action in regards to how to share customer data and promote the privacy settings default to third-party applications.



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