Mozilla will launch a paid version of Firefox!

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Despite the fact that Mozilla is a non-profit organization, but it intends to launch a special version of their browser Firefox will get paid and not free by next fall.

This came in a statement Chris Beard, executive director of the organization, which highlights that the browser will be special services such as VPN storage secure cloud, is expected to be launched officially in October next.

And the Mozilla service ProtonVPN where subscription $ 10 a month, and you can start to experience the service for free to get the size of the exchange of specific data and then override it pays to pay a monthly subscription.

Of course the proportion will be the usual free of Firefox list will not prompt the users to meet the traditional advantages in the browser, but if you wanted some additional features like VPN and the cloud is secure, stop, then have to pay.

It’s still unclear the way in which you will receive by Mozilla money, if a single payment or subscriptions, and what is the amount required to pay for additional services.

Years ago, Mozilla tries to make Firefox more than just a web browser, the above does not add advantages like Send share files and manager passwords built in.

The opinion will not be able to Mozilla to convince users to pay for access to VPN compact or storage space Cloud is encrypted only, especially that there are a lot of independent service that offers these products for free.

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