Mozilla will launch a paid version of the Firefox browser

It is reported that Mozilla will launch featured version of the popular Firefox browser in the coming months. In an interview with him recently, said the CEO of the company they are aiming to launch the new version by next October, with features like VPN and cloud storage securely.

The company has already experience the VPN service through a partnership with ProtonVPN and provide a monthly subscription of$ 10. Now, think of the company in providing the service for free at a lower level, and then charging a monthly fee to benefit more from the service.

The claim to pay for free services would be a serious step and will almost surely lose the base of Firefox users. However, he assured the CEO of the company that there was no plan to get the money for free stuff. In other words, will the Firefox to exist as a web browser free and open source, but will introduce additional features driven.

The desire of the Mozilla open source of new revenue is understandable. At present, more than 90% of the company’s revenue is from deals search engine in the browser with Google and Yandex, and the other is from the advertising content on the service Phuket.

Source: t3n

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