MSI announces hardware Workstation that apply early screen Quadro RTX 5000

The company announced the MSI for the devices of the new category of Workstation that apply early screen Quadro RTX with the ninth generation of Intel processors, where is the first hardware that includes the Realtek screen Quadro RTX 5000.

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Using Msi will soon launch both the devices WS65, the WS75, the WP65وأيضا WE75 to the markets, where the devices workstation, the new size is less frames one the size of a very skinny, as come devices pick in the featured screen 4K resolution.

It is planned to apply these devices with the software Creator Center from Msi, and also all of the programs, SolidWork, and CATIA, and AutoCAD along with ANSYS.

It also comes devices the highest standards of protection shock resistance and water MIL-STD 810G, and features devices ball screen Quadro RTX from Nvidia with the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9, which features support the user with the highest performance in work, professional design and content development.

And related device MSI WS65 workstation by Screen Quadro from Nvidia, with the memory of 6 GB in GDDR5 and 32 GB RAM in DDR4 memory, with a storage capacity of 512 GB in SSD capacity, and reach of measurement device to 14.08 in 9.75 in 0.69 of an inch, with a weight of 1.89 kg.

Features this version been of aluminum possible in black in the back, it also has a technique تشفيرTPM 2.0, features lit in white in the back of the keyboard, it also has Thunderbolt 3.0, also comes the age of charging up to 9 hours.

From another side comes a device WE75 workstation with a choice in the Realtek screen Quadro RTX 3000, memory 6 GB in GDDR6 or DDR4-2666, or DDR4-2400, with the M. 2 NVMe PCIe SSD وAID 0, and the weight of the device to 2.6 kg, Measurements 15.63 in 10.57 in the 1.08-inch.

It is estimated that available new devices at a starting price of $ 1400 in a WP65, to $ 4000 in the issuance of WS65.


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