MSI provided computer GT76 Titan around the ninth of the Intel custom desktop

Company MSI to move their versions of laptops allocated for the games of the series The Titan to a new level of performance, where the support device GT76 Titan around the ninth of Intel processors custom computers desktop, support speed up to 5GHz.

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Come devices Msi new custom games to provide a new level of performance thanks to the ninth generation of Intel processors custom computers desktop, where it is expected to be a series processors K, as confirmed by MSI that the top model for your computer GT76 Titan will come with a processor eight-core 16-thread to reach the speed of 5GHz with the cooling system corresponds to this speed.

It is submitted in accordance with these specifications to comes computer GT76 perform at the level of the Area-51M Alienware which houses the processor chip Core i9-9900K.

Also with the operating frequency associated with the device GT76 Titan Custom Games, will the Msi cooling system is compatible with this speed, where the cooling system 4 of the fans, and 11 of the heat pipe, which produces ventilation give up the pressure in the device GT76, from the other side comes your GT76 ball screen GeForce RTX 2080 from Nvidia which is characterized by the tracing of the Rays.

Also offer the MSI device GE65 Raider, which comes in the in the processor for the ninth-generation of Intel processors, with the new version of the Realtek screen RTX, as this screen version featured the highest quality display, with a faster rate to improve tires up to 240Hz, also comes a new version with support for WiFi 6.


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