MSI reveal new versions of the computers allocated for the games from the featured category

Revealed Company MSI recently announced the new versions of the featured category from the computers allocated for games that include GS66 Stealth, the وGE66 Raider to the side of the Creator 17, which apply around a tenth of Intel processors with cards screen RTX Super from Nvidia.

Confirmed the company MSI for to computers new and custom for games designed to support the players and staff of innovative content also, where such devices can be seamlessly supports gaming functions and view the video content of the highest quality.

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A computer GS66 Stealth for pre-booking now, while apply all of GE66 Raider وCreator 17 for sale in the markets on the 15th of April, to apply new devices بشاشاتTN, and to support the choice of IPS display the brightness of the top in the screen.

Device MSI GS66 Stealth

The starting price of this version of the 1600 dollars where the device is available for pre-booking now, comes device GS66 Stealth structure featured in Black, also applies processor i9-10980HK, with Realtek screen RTX Super, and features a device the size of a 15.6-inch screen supports a display resolution of 1080 pixels, the refresh rate in the screen 300 Hz.

It is expected to provide version possible processor i9-10980HK CRTC screen RTX 2080 Super best performance, with a refresh rate of 300Hz, as the device contains two slots NVMe SSD for storage, also featuring the keyboard lighting RGB from SteelSeries, with cooling technology, Cooler Boost technology, Trinity Plus, also supports the device battery capacity of 99.9 Whr.

Device MSI GE66 Raider

This version is available in April at a starting price of 1799 dollars, and relates to a device GE66 Raider processor i9-10980HK, with Realtek screen RTX 2080 Super also, it features a size of 15.6-inch screen, resolution 1080p, refresh rate 300Hz, as this release supports battery capacity of 99.9 Whr, also featuring the keyboard to illuminate the RGB-lit, with lit display RGB in the front part of the base of the machine.

Device MSI Creator 17

This version is available also on the 15th of April at a starting price of 1799 dollars, features a Creator 17 size 17.3-inch screen that supports a display resolution 4K, with the support of the MiniLED-lit HDR 1000.

Also supports a device Creator 17 user features workstation, so it can support the user in video editing and gaming well, as the device supports processor i7-10875H, with version Nvidia series Realtek screen RTX Super, also this version features a backlit white keyboard.


I know of

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