Much each modern investor needs to invest in Bitcoin? The answer of Professor

In the study by Professor Oleg Tsivinsky from Yale University talking about portfolio diversification of investors. The expert notes that the cryptocurrency should be at least 6 percent of all assets. This writes Bitcoinist.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin

Taking into account the risk management optimal portfolio present the investor should be 4 to 6 percent of Bitcoin. If he’s a total enemy of the crypts, he is obliged to at least 1 percent of their assets to diversify in the main cryptocurrency. So he will be able to reduce the risks in case of problems with the global economy.

In his research Cywinski came to the same conclusion as Professor Dragan Boskovice from the University of Arizona.

Institutional investors are beginning to consider Bitcoin as a good opportunity for diversification. Through their actions they inspire ordinary investors. Recognition of cryptocurrencies on a global level will increase interest in them from consumers and retailers.

In the “Risks and opportunities of cryptocurrencies” Cywinski found some positive qualities of digital assets compared to traditional stocks and bonds.

Using the Sharpe ratio, the analyst has proven that coins can bring large returns despite their volatility. However, the Professor only considered the three most popular cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

The findings of the Cywinski completely contradict the point of view of Nobel laureate Robert Shiller. Recall that in may, the famous economist predicted the imminent collapse of the cryptocurrency.

The scenario to which you are tempted? Waiting for the new version in cryptodata lovers monetchik.


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