Multi-dose capsule with the drug passed the first test on humans

As strange as it may sound, but violation of order of medications is a fairly common reason that drugs are not good enough or do not act at all and may cause side effects. For some drugs the frequency of administration can be vital and doctors and pharmacists are constantly trying to solve this problem in order to make life easier for the patient. And maybe soon the familiar to us the tablets and pills will be changed into a special capsule in the form of a star, which will need to take only once during the entire course of treatment.

For creating unusual way of developing drugs are experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and their subsidiary Lyndra Therapeutics. Dosage form has the outlines of a star with several rays. In these rays is placed drug. The rays are connected by a biodegradable material, which allows them to be as it were “folded inward” reminding the assembled conventional capsule that allows you to swallow the medicine.

After ingestion, the biodegradable material dissolves, allowing the rays to “open”. This form does not allow the medicine to go further down the gastrointestinal tract, but does not interfere with the reception and digestion of food. Later in the week (or more, if required) active substance is gradually emerging from the rays and absorbed by the body. Depletion of the rays, they break off and go further down the gastrointestinal tract and excreted from the body.

With regard to recent human trials, the experiment was selected by 8 people, each of which took 1 capsule with 50 milligrams of the hydrochloride of memantine (a drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease). During the week the researchers observed biological activity of the substance, and found that a single dose of the drug in the new form was identical to, if people took 7 milligrams of the drug daily. Side effects were minor.

“Our clinical study shows that once adopted, the weekly dose of substance in a new pharmaceutical form can safely be in the stomach. We can also easily predict the pharmacokinetics of drugs.” — said co-founder Lyndra Therapeutics Giovanni Traverso in an interview to the New Atlas.

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