Music player Winamp will work with voice integrated in 2019

مشغل الموسيقي Winamp سيعود بمنصة صوتية متكاملة في 2019

Winamp music player that I’ve always been using it to run media MP3 in past decades, it was not millions of local users around the world, but music services to other businesses affected him, why can’t AOL at the time free game offer triggers and services to other music such as iTunes, where it is likely the last update for Winamp to 2013.

The company said it will launch Winamp for phones that will work as my voice will bring music services and live streaming in one place, and at the same time will receive its own version of Desktop On official updates to coincide with the launch of their new application.

Said the CEO of Radionomy Alexander Bonds – which company accounted for Winamp – that the next version of the operator will be entirely new, it will make the listening experience more complete, also added that will enable the user to listen for music MP3 that may be present in the home or via the cloud or streaming radio in addition to the lists of users that may be built by the user himself.

In total after many rumors about the work of Winamp on a new update was last month the past, it seems that it has become more obvious and the extent of the rumor, but we now are waiting for the launch of a new version for desktop and a special application on the phone of the operator the owner of a long history.

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