MusicLens, listen to music without headphones!

For music lovers and fashionistas, and journalists too who live a lifestyle that is prosperous to detail, to all of you making the system “music for Linda” smart MusicLens, which you can listen music and radio, and make phone calls, without headphones or put anything in your ears.

Think System “of music Linda” on the sound conduction to the inner ear through the bones of the head, it provides 4 GB of storage capacity, it supports the technical contact Bluetooth 5.0, with the potential of touch control, the battery is enough for 9 hours, as it can be ordered through the lens of the medical specifications that the client wants to need medical also.

And varies form system “music Lennon” for regular glasses, so they do not draw attention when wearing them, makes it entirely practical to answer phone calls in conditions inappropriate to use your smartphone, such as driving a car or attending a meeting or during the danger on the street.

Successfully campaign financing system “music Lennon” in the collection of the funding target, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, it is estimated that up to ISIS it by next March, the starting price is $ 66 (1,200 pounds almost).

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