Musk is not concerned about the penetration of messages in Twitter .. explains why

He said Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk in a free interview with the columnist of the New York Times (Maureen Dow): the letters direct on Twitter consists mostly of photos of the comic, and he’s not too worried about penetration.

The account mask is one of more than a hundred accounts of high-level in Twitter, hacked in a scam digital currency bitcoin in July 15. Twitter has said earlier: that the attackers may have managed to download the letters of private initiative, and personal information some characters in the process, however, has confirmed to Twitter that the accounts are not trust accounts, such as account holder.

Said Musk: “I’m not worried about posting messages my own initiative”. He added: “I mean, that maybe we can move a section of the direct messages my that look bad out of context, but direct messages consist mostly of comic pictures”.

And Musk in the interview to the pandemic coronavirus emerging (SGRF-19) COVID-19, said: “I think the fact Covid is that risk if you are elderly or have other diseases”. He added: “I think it’s quite logical that there will be cases close to the full if you’re prone to injury, but I don’t think it’s logical that there should be close what you are not susceptible to infection”.

It is indicated that the interview addressed many questions, such as: space company (SpaceX) SpaceX, and electric car industry (Tesla) Tesla, also asked about Facebook, Artificial Intelligence, and Twitter, as well as attack him to buy Amazon, and invited to be dismantled because of the book.

The Musk had tweeted in June saidthey are: he believes that the time has come to dismantle the Amazon. Came his tweet after published writer (Alex Berenson) tweet the screenshot to show that Amazon did not agree to his next book about a virus (SGRF-19); and because it does not comply with the instructions of his or her own home. The Berenson one of the critics to impose closure due to the virus, and stated that it considered that the risk of disease is much lower than reported, especially for young people.

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