Musk plunge of a new: delivery will be 500 thousand cars during the next twelve months

ماسك يغرد من جديد: تسلا ستنتج 500 ألف سيارة خلال الاثني عشر شهراً القادمة

It seems that the CEO of Tesla Elion Musk pays no attention made investors millions of tweets repeated about the company which exceeded the actual extent of recognition of the college andbrought suit against the due to recurrence did and asked them to check tweets before they are published to the public, in another of his tweets said Musk that his company will produce 500 thousand electric vehicles in the next twelve months.

Came plunging him talk about supply and demand in the electric car market where it stated that the number of vehicles in the world, estimated at 2.5 million vehicles distributed between a pickup truck and, according to his estimates must be industry 25 million electric cars per year to replace this fleet of cars, saying that Tesla will produce 500 thousand cars in a year from now, which will represent the state of 2% of the total 25 million vehicles, which represents 0.02% of the total number of global automotive.

It is worth noting that this tweet is the following for the pipe during a short period around the power of productivity to, come after a number of tweets controversial over the past years, which was chiefly spent transforming the company for which the disqualification was taken from the presidency of the board of directors with the payment of a fine.

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