MWC 2019: OnePlus is ready to display its model of the fifth-generation phones

MWC 2019: ون بلس جاهزة لعرض نموذجها من هواتف الجيل الخامس

Over the past weeks took place the news about the intention of many of the companies smart phones including the OnePlus display models phones compatible with the network technologies of fifth generation ready for the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona the end of February, to the last reports to the readiness of the OnePlus to view phone 5G during the conference, in time that determine the position of ETNews football Southern for torque LG also introduced a model for 5G in the same period.

It is likely that the Chinese company exploiting the marriage with Qualcomm to view her phone in the period between the 25-28 of February where they will test the ability of the connection to the phone on the fifth-generation networks as well as needs to run some experiments your games phones you compliant with the new specifications and to test the speed and performance of the phone during the experiment.

It is worth mentioning that the company Shawty has presented a model trying to the techniques of the fifth generation of her phone Mi Mix 3 through December 2018 at a conference held in China, as it already confirmed Qualcomm that the current year will be phones that work effectively with the fifth generation in line with some of the telecom companies which were ready to start working out already and has conducted experiments successful.

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