MWC19: Facebook announces several projects to supply rural areas in several states built network infrastructure

MWC19: فيسبوك تعلن عن عدد من الشراكات لتزويد المناطق الريفية بالبنى التحتية لشبكات الاتصال في عدد من الدول

As usual, use Facebook the Congress of the phones global launch of its partnerships, projects and development technical terms announced during the conference about several partnerships in the beer, Nigeria, South Africa and the coverage of rural areas by providing connectivity within the open source projects that all networks benefit from them.

Has announced Facebook for the conduct of the partnership in the state of the beer with the telecommunications company is the Spanish multinational Telefónica, as well as Bank IDB to implement the states of Latin America and CAF; within an interesting project to provide the internet service called Internet para Todos (IpT) seeks Facebook through it brought the internet service of the third and fourth generation for all rural areas in the state within the scope of Communications an open-source mobile. Will allow for approximately 100 million of the population of remote areas in Latin America to enjoy the services of rapid communication via mobile phone technology the third and fourth generation in time which is difficult to feed those areas of infrastructure permanent to provide telecommunication services and networks.

On the other hand, the company announced the purchase in a similar project in Nigeria means to provide a network of 750 km of fiber communication open access to allow it access to about a million people via a partnership with a number of local authorities in the region on policy similar to what has done previously in Uganda, which will initially be as small company will expand to a larger scale in the coming phases.

The company also announced a new partnership with its service to connect to wireless Express Wi-Fi network in South Africa with a telecommunications company there is a Cell C in Ghana with Vodafone as well as Globe in the Philippines and a number of other companies in all of Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and India, where the purpose of the service and Express Wi-Fi to configure the scope for joint action with internet service providers and telecommunications companies to help in building wireless networks of their own as to provide the entrepreneurs and analysts the equipment and tools that enable them to provide their neighbors internet.

In addition, Facebook Inc. has announced the launch of its platform open source Magma in partnership directly with the company Telefónica, which enables companies to connect from the network deployment easier.

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