MWC19: H Nubia Alpha smart offer image to phones removable wear

MWC19: ساعة Nubia Alpha الذكية تقدم صورة للهواتف القابلة للإرتداء

During and before the Congress of the phones global 2019 in Barcelona appeared phones folding to a big leap in the world of smart phones, thanks to the presence of OLED screens foldable which help to provide various products to the users because of its flexibility.

This time it was Nubia present but with a different idea about the Samsung, Huawei and TCL, where the display of the smart watch in the name Nubia Alpha different than the hours expected with the presence of a large screen additional advantages, which makes it bear the advantages of the nearest smartphone removable wearable computing devices.

Owns the previous screen measuring 4 inches with dimensions limited to 5:1 because of the coming full-length, the company says that the screen can bend it more than 100 thousand times without effect which helps to use it comfortably. Comes the next screen front camera accurately 5 mega pixel provide additional advantages such as smart phones.

The former with a processor Snapdragon Wear 2100 from Qualcomm and a RAM capacity of 1 GB with internal storage of 8 GB. Also owns battery capacity of 500 Milli-amp / hour can last a day or two with normal use.

The Nubia Alpha is an Android-based designer of the same company’s larger systems, smart watches more than phones. Also provide copies of the Bluetooth and other network E-Tourism.

The former will be available during the coming period, and will start from the price of 449 euros, the price will go to copy a slide to 549 euros for the Black color و649 euros for the gold-plated gold 18K.

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