MWC19: Huawei unveils chip fifth generation Balong 5000

MWC19: هواوي تكشف عن رقاقة الجيل الخامس Balong 5000

Revealed Huawei in the midst of its own congressional phones global MWC 2019 in the city of Barcelona in Spain, about the chip its new offering techniques of the fifth generation with a lot of solutions for devices, smart consumer products, has launched the name of Balong 5000.

Huawei is considered one of the most important companies of the developer to the fifth generation globally, particularly in relation to communication, providing chip Balong 5000 the company will continue to more intelligent devices with fifth-generation will help other companies to move to in their products with ease.

The company says that the chip can download data at a speed of 4.6 GB per second and can reach up to 6.5 GB as the nature of the contact, has added in her phone. the folding booster to provide the fifth generation Mate X.

According to Huawei in the conference, the new chip you think is the first of its kind that supports network connection of the SA and the NSA to provide the fifth generation, and also supports LTE as well as future technologies of the fifth generation. Of course will chip WiFi technology 6 which offers great speed compared with the previous generation.

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