MWC19: Huawei unveils her phone, folding it X with technology v

MWC19: هواوي تكشف عن هاتفها القابل للطي مايت X مع تقنية الخامس

Huawei unveiled by a few during the talk in the Congress of the MWC 2019 on her phone rollaway backed with fifth-generation what X 5G improve the company Samsung in this knee already revealed her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold days ago.

Can what X OLED screen measuring 8 inches in the case of the full opening of the College both edges of the phone with a thickness of 5.4 mm; at which time the old leadership of the front screen in case of closure of 6.6 inches and the rear are led by 6.38 inches and a thickness of 11 mm in case of folding.

The phone works processor Kirin 980 supports the technique of the fifth generation thanks to Huawei modem your Balong 5000 which provides a download speed of up to 4.6 GB as described by the company as the fastest phones with the fifth generation.

In holding phone RAM 8 GB memory storage within the 128 GB, and battery capacity of 4500 mAh, the phone supports rapid charging technology too strongly 55 watt which enables the shipment of 85% of battery capacity in 30 minutes.

And starts phone price of 2299 euros, which will be available to consumers during the next period with a note of the price difference between it and the Galaxy Fold which starts its price of 1980 dollars.

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