MWC19: Lenovo unveils releases of new series Thinkpad with bigger screen

For a change in the external shape of the support of the Lenovo need the last of the Thinkpad screen is larger than usual with a show the device with area of the interface is broader due to his dialogue is tight, both the X series and T exclusively do all of the ThinkPad X390 وX390 Yoga as well as for their Class T two ThinkPad T490و T490s.

ThinkPad X390 device has a screen measuring 13.3 inches with a resolution of FHD 1920*1080 with the power of lighting a 400 net instead of measuring the normal 12.5-inch with arts senses is lower by 50 % from the previous version which makes it looks like one is larger than the actual, memory storage internal SSD can be raised to 1 Terra byte memory random can be upgraded to 32 GB with a processor Intel second-generation Core vPro i7.

Can the USB Implementers traditional and Type C in addition to the entrance of HDMI with support for unit external memory microSD in to enable the battery approximately 18 hours on a single charge, and will be available in the European continent with the beginning of April and will launch in the United States and other countries with June price up $ 1100.

The copy of his decaying ThinkPad X390 Yoga and exercise responsible to design completely new with the most important properties of the category of the Yogi is in complete control of your tablet being equipped with a joint moving at a rate of 360°, provided with a right-click lock safe webcam ” ThinkShutter” was not available in previous versions, the differences lie being supported RAM 16 GB maximum.

Together with the ability of the sojourn of the battery limits of 14 hours as the screen with the power of illumination is less than the normal version with 300 nit will provide the consumer with solutions next June at a price of Idea $ 1360$.

ThinkPad T490 it is a version of 2019 some of the differences from the illustration, the T Series the previous screen of 13.3 inches with a resolution of HDR IPS with the characteristics and features added as ThinkShutter available in the X series which has also the conversation is less about the screen with an external structure of the thinnest.

The T490 processor Intel second generation Core i7-8565U with the specifications of the interior is similar to the previous in terms of memory random memory storage which can be upgraded according to the consumer price starts from $ 1000.

The ThinkPad T490s it is the most thinnest of this device by about 13% from last year’s version where it starts its price بـ1280 dollars will be provided all copy my T490 next June.

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