MWC19: Microsoft unveils device Azure, Kinect support services cloud

MWC19: مايكروسوفت تكشف النقاب عن جهاز Azure Kinect بدعم خدماتها السحابية

Microsoft started its own congressional phones global MWC 2019 introduced a new version of the Kinect for things but this time working with a cloud service for wages or Azure. The company launched the name of Azure, Kinect for the device to fit with him and the work platform.

And Azure, Kinect three-dimensional camera can produce images of three-dimensional products, which makes them suitable for companies in order to take pictures of three-dimensional data collection to provide smart solutions to more sophisticated using the services of are cloud from Microsoft.

Says Julia White, Microsoft’s vice president that the Azure Kinect device is considered smart, so he doesn’t see and hear the people around him, but he understands them, preferably the environment of the surrounding objects and movements, and of course, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence from Microsoft’s services to cloud.

The device will be available to users for pre-order ahead of its launch in the market, and will be priced at $ 399.

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