MWC19: Nokia reveal the number of smart phones with the specifications of a variety and the last of the traditional category

MWC19: نوكيا تكشف عن عدد من الهواتف الذكية بمواصفات متنوعة وأخر من الفئة التقليدية

The company disclosed the HMD owner of the brand Nokia on the number of phones during the Congress of the Universal phones include those that we are accustomed to expect from the company, which is targeting middle class and low-income consumers with her phone, the traditional Nokia 210 and three other smartphones namely Nokia 4.2 Nokia 3.2 Nokia OnePlus.

First, traditional phone Nokia 210 which is in line with the Old Testament from the phone company, targeting the markets vulnerable and tourism consumers, who kills her for the role of President which I found for him is to communicate with the province on the battery for longer time.

The Shape of the phone is similar with small size and curved the corners with the screen of the conventional color buttons can also access the internet via Opera Mini browser, and the property is important to collectors it will not meet to charge it always has the company promised him his cards for a full month on a single charge, and priced it about $ 30 and will be available in the market next March.

Nokia phone 4.2 which is the version that represents an upgrade in design principle to the company in addition to perform stronger as promised, he owns the screen, led by a 5.7-inch body Glass front and back supported by a camera-Dual Sensor fingerprint.

The processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 is compatible with Ram 2 GB memory internal storage 16 GB Beata also offers the option of another 3 and 32 GB RAM and memory storage, respectively.

Speaking of the updates in Nokia 4.2 the company has to customize the touch button plugin Google Voice, but with a number of options where one push allows the user to activate the voice assistant by clicking twice can access a property organize daily calendar of the user ” ” a Google’s Visual Snapshot by clicking expected the activation of the microwave to put the conversation.

The power button light to notify the user scans the decisions contained through frequent blinking and will void the phone’s price $ 169 or $ 200 in accordance with the specifications RAM internal memory is selected it will be launched the beginning of April next.

Nokia phone with 3.2 which is in the most similar substantially to the Nokia 4.2 as where his work processor Snapdragon 439 as memory options random between 2 and 3 GB and the internal memory is either 16 or 32 GB, but it misses the sensor of the fingerprint as the characteristic aesthetic is not as much compared to Nokia’s 4.2 being has the structure of the plastic, and the price is of course less with a $ 139 or $ 169 according to the specifications selected will be on his company in May.

Finally Phone Nokia OnePlus which is the latest version of Nokia Wen launched by the company last year, where the phone has a case.45 inch and the memory storage options of 8 or 16 GB and memory random 1 GB with removable battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh according to the text of the initial smart phones as it runs Android Joe Light at a price of $ 99 will be available in the market through mid-March.

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