MWC19: Oppo reveals the technique of optical zoom, 10x and plans phone its with fifth-generation

MWC19: أوبو تكشف عن تقنية التقريب البصري 10x وخطط هاتفها بتقنية الجيل الخامس

Held company OBO its own congressional phones global MWC 2019 in the city of Barcelona, but not the other companies did not know smart phones new, but rather revealed and talked about the latest its technologies about the capabilities of the optical zoom, the cameras in smart phones as well as the technique of the fifth generation.

Revealed OBO for the technique of optical zoom up to 10x for the first time in the world, which means in the case of the emergence of great development in cameras, particularly in regard to smartphones, but the company did not announce a specific date for the presence of technical so far.

With regard to the report of the fifth generation of communication, has spoken to the police about the latest in this field has revealed its intention to launch a phone with this technology in the second half of 2019 with a processor Snapdragon 855.

And Annie Jiang, vice president of the company Oppo, said: “We are proud to present the Global Forum’s first innovation, which we organize with the participation of media partners today, which aims to promote a culture of innovation and development within the mobile telecommunications industry”. He added: “innovation is one of our top priorities, we have made many developments to make the future closer and accessible to the consumer. We also look forward to the completion of this commitment and achieve further innovations, especially in the field of technology the fifth generation photography.”

On the same side, it has presented the company’s latest applications in respect of the report of the fact Wales has provided the opportunity to attend to experience, as you will see later in the exhibition through a wing of my company, Ericsson and Qualcomm, which will showcase the game SoulCalibur6 through the technique of the fifth generation.

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