MWC19: Qualcomm announces platform to develop Android

Can’t stand the giant processors Qualcomm aside when we talk about futuristic technologies you need segments to address for them, but players should be a pioneer which is what I intend to do, especially in the field of Android.

Revealed today, Qualcomm’s new platform helps in the development of robot hand hardware and software. And build a platform RB3 on what has been learned so far in the areas of robot drones. The platform provides special treatment color contacts fourth – generation later, a fifth course – and the artificial intelligence processors, sensors, such as mapping the three-dimensional ocean navigation and movement.

And Qualcomm through its new platform to help the inventor of the robot to move quickly and take advantage of their projects and businesses through new applications that can use the Android more than the industry.

Several companies such as Anki, Misty and JD platform Qualcomm New support to work with platform RoboMaker from Amazon and the operating system Ubuntu.

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