MWC19: Qualcomm supports wireless charging quick

Of course, wireless charging takes a longer time compared to the network wired, but Qualcomm has brought its technology in the rapid charging to the Chargers that support wireless Qi standard.

A lot of manufacturers of chargers wireless claims that it supports fast charging, but this word is not accurate, so you want Qualcomm in this market is officially called the real.

Worked Qualcomm with the alliance of Wireless Power to create shortcuts for company Fast Wireless that are compatible with the Chargers support the Qi standard, and as a result of these tests, the Qualcomm ensures users charge their phones wirelessly and quickly affordable without technical problems, such as high heat.

In order to support fast wireless charging, Qualcomm has studied its technology in the rapid charging of the 2.0 generation until generation 4.0 and later to be compatible with chargers wireless. Became Company Shawnee the first company to support wireless charging quick.

It is worth noting that the charger Shawty Wireless can work with the power of 20 watts wirelessly with the phone Mi 9.

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