MWC19: Shawty know phone Mix 3 5G modem Qualcomm for the fifth

MWC19: شاومي تعلن هاتف Mix 3 5G مع مودم كوالكوم للجيل الخامس

The company announced Shaw today about her new Mix 3 5G technology, fifth generation in the Congress of the phones world, the MWC19, in Barcelona, Spain, comes this announcement after 4 days from the announcement of Samsung about the first phones with fifth-generation hours before the announcement of the discount other Huawei phone with the fifth generation.

Shao has launched the normal copy of the report of the fifth generation of the phone Mix 3 at the end of last year with a processor Snapdragon 845, but it now launches more modern version with a processor Snapdragon 855 and fifth-generation modem, Qualcomm X50 5G. This phone will be priced at$ 680 dollars almost will be launched in Europe at the beginning of it, which suggests that it would be cheaper fifth-generation phones.

There will come a Mix 3 5G with two options of memory storage, where the first option will be the presence of 6 GB RAM with 64 GB of storage space, will be the third version of the 6 GB with 128 GB of storage capacity.

As we stated in our first report about the phone Mix 3 Basic when you launch it, it comes up full screen thanks to the technique of sliding the camera front to not use screen space, which amounts to 6.39 inches represent 93.4% of the area of the interface. Speaking more on the front camera they come double with 24 MB with 2 MB and the techniques of artificial intelligence, the rear camera is comes with 12 mega-bytes for both of them and the ability to shoot video in slow motion at a speed of 960 frames per second.

Of course, the phone will enter the user interface Shao, also will come with a battery capacity of 3,800 Milli-amp / hours will Fast shipping.

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