MWC19: TCL review devices folding and give a glimpse of the future of phones

MWC19: شركة TCL تستعرض أجهزة قابلة للطي وتعطي لمحة عن مستقبل الهواتفimage The Verge

Offered to major companies known in the market of smartphones and phones collapsible formally such as Samsung, Huawei or photos of identity by the law, such as the Oppo those, but TCL submerged in this area didn’t reveal just about the phone it has reviewed several smart devices folding represent the near future.

Used TCL display technology of folding to develop devices different from the ordinary smart phones, the company reviewed the device, namely a smart phone and a normal folding can be folded lengthwise to become more like a wallet pocket, next to the larger device as DragonHinge like tablets, large-screen involves accidentally and its screen size 7.2 inch when you open it.

On the other hand, the company offered to design the phones to come folding can be converted to smart watches, meaning that the phone can be used normally, but when finished can be put on the wrist of the hand and convert it to a smart watch in the series.

Unfortunately the phones and TCL folding will not be available this year, as the company said it will launch its first consumers in mid-2020 with the desire to provided at the price of 1,000 to a maximum of$ which is the price which is equal to half the price of the Samsung Fuld and less than half the price of the Huawei it Exe.

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